SOPW LLC on Dr. Oz Show

In May of 2019, . Damien Echols’ wife, Lorri Davis, didn’t tell her family she married a man on death row for four years. Why did she find it necessary to keep it from them? Plus, Echols talks honestly about how hard it was to recover from life in prison. 

On May 5th, 2019, Charity Cramer, Founder and CEO of Society of Pageant Women LLC, was accompanied by eleven other women who were apart of the Society of Pageant Women LLC – Public Community group on Facebook at the ABC studio in New York City. Almost all SOPW LLC Dr. Oz attendees are seen in the picture above.

Lori Davis Married Damien Echols While He Was Still on Death Row

Damien Echols describes the trauma he endured behind bars awaiting execution, and the post-traumatic stress he’s dealt with since his release. Find out why Echols still hasn’t been exonerated by the state of Arkansas, though he is now a free man.

GUESTS: Damien Echols Lorri Davis Mara Schiavocampo Charles Ramsey Jason McDaniel

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