Pageant Prep Tips During Isolation

Pageant Prep Tips During Isolation

The spring typically is the start of pageant season, but we find ourselves in a different situation this year. The coronavirus is now a global pandemic and non-life sustaining businesses are closing. Social
distancing is our new normal right now. Pageants are being cancelled or postponed. Malls are closed. Gyms are closed. Appearances are being cancelled.

We’ve complied a list of Pageant Prep Tips during Isolation.
This is brought to you EXCLUSIVELY from the Society of Pageant Women, LLC!

Pageant Prep Tips During Isolation

1.       Gyms are closed everywhere, but you can still get an amazing workout at home! Check
out on Instagram for fitness inspo! You can also check out
her blog by visiting

2.       Listen to podcasts to help you on your journey. The Founder and CEO of the Society of
Pageant Women, LLC launched her own podcast, The QueenC Network. You can listen
to her podcast on PocketCasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and RadioPublic.

3.       Online shopping isn’t going anywhere. Packages may be delayed, but you can still shop
for your pageant wardrobe and accessories right online.

4.       Interview Prep! Interview is typically the most highly scored part of the competition. Did
you know the SOPW has TONS of interview questions?

5.       Have a video call with other Queens and practice interview questions with each
other. FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video call, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and
Skype are just a few options for video calling.

6.       Isolation is also a good time to work on your pageant paperwork. Regardless if your
pageant is rescheduled, getting a head start on your paperwork is always a good

7.       Learn new hair and makeup tricks on YouTube. The options for makeup tutorials are

8.       Advocate for your platform on social media! With everyone self-isolating, people are
turning to social media more than ever for interaction. Use this time to
educate your followers on what your platform is, why it’s your platform, and
how others can help or be involved. Many non-profits are running low on
resources and talking about them may encourage others to help if they can.
Organize an online fundraiser or have a video interview with someone involved
with your cause. As a registered Society of Pageant Women LLC member, you gain access to a volunteer portal that will filter volunteer opportunities based on geo-location AND you gain access to a packet with over 40 success proven fundraising ideas. Click the link below to learn more information about SOPW.

Self-isolation can be very hard, but just remember that this is not forever. And wash your hands!

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