Mrs. Premier World 2018, Nicole Gearing

I absolutely love the Premier World system, it is focused on making lasting changes in our communities. I have made lifelong friendships and have met the most incredible ladies who care deeply about seeing a change that needs to be made and stepping out in faith and working diligently to make that change. I am both grateful and inspired each day for the opportunity to share my story of overcoming; with hopes and prayers that I can impact and save a life with the message that there is always hope for new beginnings. I thank God everyday that I have an opportunity to share it.

Ten years ago I was addicted to both prescription opioids and anti-anxiety medication. I had suffered for many years with debilitating migraine headaches and was at a loss after much testing to find out that there was not an organic issue causing my pain. I started taking the medication in hopes that it would only be needed temporarily. Unfortunately, within three months I had found myself dependent on them with a tolerance for the medications increasing rapidly. I was also very suicidal and wanted to take my life many times. I had completed three treatment programs and after returning home I could not stay off of the medication. I had many overdoses and close calls; my family was scared and was afraid I was going to die. My husband did some research and found this incredible treatment program called New Life Spirit Recovery in Huntington Beach, California. I spent a total of five months there. It was powerful, and I began to understand that the addiction was more than the medicines I was addicted to. I had a heart full of pain and violations. I desperately needed to learn about forgiveness and have a healing process to walk through. This program was so different from the others I had completed. New Life Spirit Recovery includes three hours of intense counseling a week as well as many classes to teach about the recovery process. I cried out to God and he answered me! it was life changing and it truly saved my life.

Nine months after returning home from NLSR I wanted a support group in my home town for both myself and others who needed support for addiction recovery or any hurt, habit or hang-up. My husband and I started a Celebrate Recovery in our church every Monday night. Celebrate Recovery is a faith based 12 step support group that helps not only chemical addictions, but also serves anyone with a hurt, habit or hang-up. Celebrate Recovery is in almost 30,000 churches nationwide! We are so pleased to announce that this coming April we will be up and running for six years! We have not missed a single Monday night including holidays. I have recently been given the opportunity to serve as a state representative for Celebrate Recovery for my home state of California. This gives me the ability to be instrumental in helping set up more CR programs in other churches. I am so overwhelmed and grateful to see so many lives changing and thank God everyday for saving my life and using my husband and I to bring hope and healing for new beginnings through Celebrate Recovery and Him!

I also work hand in hand with NLSR treatment center as a Community Outreach Coordinator! NLSR is an in-house faith-based treatment center as well as having classes on-line to teach and support families. I strive each day to connect anyone who struggles with addiction as well as their family members to a solution from this tragic epidemic. My story is just one but can demonstrate that there are hope and answers available. My hope and prayer each day is to inspire one person with my story. If you or someone you know struggles with addiction or suicide, please reach out now.

Listed below are resources:

-Suicide National Hotline 1-800-273-TALK

-New Life Spirit

There is an intake coordinator available to answer any questions you might have.


Click on the group locator for a group near you, Celebrate Recovery is nation and worldwide.

Fun facts about me!

I love elderly people; my grandparents owned a nursing home while I grew up and I had 99 adoptive grandparents! I cherish those memories in my heart always.

I have four boys! I have learned to spend a lot of time on snowmobiles and motorcycles! We have enjoyed a lot of family sports including snow and water skiing. We also as a family have traveled for the past 16 years to other countries to provide recourse’s for dental care, school

and church building. This spring, we will head back to Fiji and provide dental care to those who don’t have the resources available and introduce them to the program of Celebrate Recovery! My boys both encouraged me and challenged me! They all have an incredible since of humor and make me laugh often until my stomach hurts. I love them all so much!

I love to play games and my favorite game is called ‘’Catch Phrase‘’. You have to try it! Whenever we play, I laugh so hard as we have lots of fun!

I am very much in love with my husband and we will be married 25 years this year! My husband loved me through my addiction when I could not even love myself. He loved me until I could learn to love me! I will never be able to thank him enough.

I absolutely love chocolate and I eat it whenever I can! I always keep in mind that it is healthy, because it comes from a bean! LOL. I even named family dog “Chocolate”!

I love pageantry, I have met the most incredible ladies and I truly believe they are all angels from God! I am honored to call them friends and sisters! I recently became the director for the Mrs. and Ms. divisions of Premier World Pageants and am so grateful to work alongside the executive director Kristen Rossow. We are currently accepting applications for the upcoming crowning in July 2019. For information please go to

I love God with all of my heart! He became very real to me seven years ago and I will happily serve him for the rest of my life! God is so Good! I thank him for saving my life from addiction and giving me a new life in Him and allowing me to touch others with my story of overcoming.

My Pageant History!

I started competing in 1999 in the Mrs. California America pageant, and I came in top ten that year! I went back the following year and was second runner up.

I competed in the Mrs. United States pageant as at large contestants. I was Mrs. Wyoming United States in 2003 and Mrs. Idaho United States in 2006. I am so grateful to have come in top ten both times.

I competed for Mrs. California United States and was first runner up three times in a row.

In 2008 I was blessed with the title of Mrs. California United States. I retired after 2008.

I went back for one more time to share my story of victory over addiction with the judges and was crowned Mrs. Premier World 2018!

I am humbled each day to share the hope, healing and new beginnings that I have found! I pray that my story will touch others and help them to know that there is always hope and healing for a brand-new life!

God Bless you all and thank you for letting me share!”

Nicole Gearing,

Mrs. Premier World, 2018

Director of Mrs. And Ms. Premier World Pageants

Celebrate Recovery California State Representative

New Life Spirit Recovery Community Outreach Coordinator

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