Miss World Law Suit

Miss World Law Suit

Veronika Didusenko,24, pictures above with her son, who is five, has demanded they change their 'outdated' entry criteria to reflect the modern world

In November of 2019, Daily Mail Reporter posted a news article about a beauty queen who is suing the Miss World pageant system for banning her form competing because she is a divorced mother. Below is a short paragraph about the article:

“A beauty queen is taking legal action against the UK-based Miss World contest because she was banned from taking part for being a mother.
Veronika Didusenko, 24, was crowned Miss Ukraine in 2018 but was stripped of her title four days later after it was revealed she was divorced and had a son called Alex, now five. She was also banned from entering the Miss World finals.
Now she has launched legal action in London claiming organisers are in breach of the Equalities Act 2010 and has demanded they change their ‘outdated’ entry criteria to reflect the modern world.” (Daily Mail)

(Reporter, Daily Mail. “Beauty Queen, 24, Sues Miss World after It Bans Her from Taking Part Because She Is a Mother .” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 30 Nov. 2019, www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7739989/Beauty-queen-24-sues-Miss-World-bans-taking-mother.html.)

Now, many of you may be asking, why didn’t she just compete in a pageant with a ‘ Ms’. division, a division for pageant competitors who have aged out of the ‘Miss’ division, are divorced or unmarried with children? Well, the answer is, we don’t have enough information to draw an accurate conclusion. 

So, can we learn anything from this article? ABSOLUTELY!

The pageant community needs to improve communication with competitors, directors and the general public. There are so many amazing systems out there but there is clearly a disconnect of communication and awareness. Women like Veronika do not know other systems exist. That means pageant systems AND pageant related businesses need to do a better job educating others on what exists.

How can we change that?


We were founded because we know that the industry will wither away if we don’t approach it from a new perspective. WE HAVE BROUGHT BACK UP! 

How can you help?

There are three action steps:

1. Decide to be a part of the solution.
Many pageant enthusiasts and competitors have a lot to say, which means we have an influx of opinions but a deficiency in action oriented individuals. 

2. Take action and join a solution oriented community!
Society of Pageant Women LLC IS THE SOLUTION! It is a network community founded by a former pageant competitor and business owner that is used to progressively discuss solutions to solve current issues from all perspectives and an opportunity to network with people inside the industry. 

Note: If you are a current titleholder, joining our organization should not and will not conflict with your title. This is a network where your voice can be heard and where change can be made with a tribe behind you who will help to improve your experience by making it more connected, fun and interactive. 

3. Once a member, join or start a chapter!
Connecting online is great but it would be even better to connect with people in the pageant community around you! This doesn’t just include titleholders, this community should connect you to local directors, titleholders and local leaders and community members who could benefit from chapter workshops and activities. This also gives your chapter a chance to raise awareness and be informed on what and who are in their communities that could help them. 

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