Miss Oregon United States 2018, Nassat Parveen


Originally born in Bangladesh, Nassat Parveen is able to fully live the American Dream with her hard work, success, and continued community advocacy. When she was just 6 months old, Nassat and her family migrated to America all the way from Bangladesh. Her original Bangladeshi roots taught her the importance of respect, hospitality, and compassion while her American values taught her the importance of freedom, independence and determination. Both of the combined values helped shape her into the well round person she is today. Being from such a multicultural background Nassat is able to speak 7 languages fluently. She grew up speaking both English and Bengali and throughout the years she also picked up Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish and sign language. At the young age of 10 Nassat helped her parents study and pass the citizenship test. Because of that she does not take the opportunities she receives for granted. In the community she has also helped and mentored other families in passing the US citizenship test.

While in high school she studied at a much higher level and took many Advanced Placement, college level courses. Despite being studious, Nassat was still very shy and often felt uncomfortable in big crowds. Being bullied a lot in middle school, she initially did not have a lot of confidence. At age 18 her mom decided to put her in a pageant to help her overcome her fears and insecurities. She found her own love for pageantry after seeing how much it helped her grow and how much of a wonderful opportunity it was to use the title in order to raise awareness for amazing causes.

Sadly, in 2014 She lost a close friend to Suicide. This is when she felt even more motivated to do something for those that felt suicidal. She started volunteering for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention where she provided emotional support to families of Suicide losses. At the community walks she greeted grieving walkers with a “Free Hugs Sign.” In 2015, she hosted her own suicide prevention fundraising event at a local yogurt shop to help raise funds for the AFSP. Nassat wanted answers to why a person may feel depressed and suicidal and so she decided to study neuroscience in college to learn more about what happens inside the human brain and nervous system when a person experiences a mental illness. Her knowledge in the human brain and nervous system helped her tremendously in her community advocacy efforts.

While studying the sciences in college, Nassat was also very involved in the arts. She was a classically trained vocalist and was apart of her school’s opera musical theatre. She loved how therapeutic music felt for her. She also enjoyed dancing a lot and was an instructor and officer for her school’s belly dance club. In her pageants she would often perform both belly dancing and singing for her talent. She also started getting involved in commercial modeling and would often model for local designers in her home town. Acting, modeling, singing, and dancing were all the various artistic ways Nassat was able to express her more creative side. In a lot of her pageants and events Nassat would often do her own hair and makeup. Makeup artistry was another talent of hers since she was a little girl. While working part time as a makeup artist for Lancome cosmetics, she also started her own hair and makeup business. She found her own love for makeup artistry after seeing how happy she was able to make her clients feel with a simple makeover. She has travelled all over the country to do makeup for clients getting married and even going to prom or homecoming. Many pageant girls even book her to do their pageant make up.

After 4 years of competing, she won Miss Plano United States 2018 and was honored to represent her hometown. She says pageantry helped her transform into a more confident, fearless, well rounded person who is now not afraid of doing anything she sets her mind to. Among doing pageants, Nassat was also a very active traveler. Some of her places to visit was the Pacific Northwest. In Oregon, she found her home away from home. She felt so connected with the people and the culture there. Being so passionate for her cause she also saw that there was a huge suicide crisis there. After serving and representing the city of Plano, Nassat decided to spread her suicide prevention advocacy even further to the Pacific Northwest. In May 2018, she decided to compete at the state level and with her continuous hard word she was crowned Miss Oregon United States 2018. This was one of Nassat’s greatest achievement. Even her friends and family all the way in Bangladesh celebrated this victory.

After winning Miss Oregon United States 2018, she has made numerous TV and radio appearances. Her platform is called, “Speak-up, Reach-Out, You are not alone” which tells the person in crisis to take those 3 action steps when they felt suicidal. While Guest speaking at schools, Nassat created her own “Project Purpose” School program which reminds students that they all have a bigger purpose for being here. Nassat partnered with many other organizations and charities outside of her own platform. She saw how much of a difference she was able to make in the lives of others with her influence. Community service is something she is very passionate about and it is why she currently stays busy being involved in the community. Nassat has even worked in local campaigns after seeing how badly it is needed for lawmakers to create changes. She often worked with candidates who shared a similar platform of her own, hoping they would be able to do something about the suicide and mental health crisis currently residing in the country.
With all that Nassat has been able to achieve through her various leadership roles and even getting to serve the community with her Miss Oregon title she now uses her own experience and gives back into creating other leaders. During her free time she coaches other girls into modeling and pageants. She specializes in teaching runway, makeup, speaking and having a captivating presence. She hopes that these teachings and values will help build even more stronger leaders in the future that will truly make a difference in this world.

1.) What is something people should know about you?
People should know that passion is my number one driving force. So many people ask me how do I manage to balance so many things on my plate but the truth is that because I’m so passionate of doing all that I do I never feel tired or overwhelmed. It is why I do so many different things at once because I feel that in life we are meant to have multiple dreams and not just one.

2.) What important advice would you give other women?

I would tell other women to truly believe in their own unique abilities and never sell themselves short. A lot of times why women won’t seek leadership positions or go for better opportunities is because they often feel like they aren’t good enough or well accomplished enough when in reality they are probably much more well accomplished and self sufficient than their own male counterparts. Lack of confidence is the only thing that gets in the way of why women won’t want to do things that truly help them reach their fullest potential.

3.) What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty is beyond what others see with their mere eyes. Beauty is what others feel for you through the actions you take that no image will ever be able express. It is the effect of your genuine heart that reflects this beauty on others. It is what glows from your kindness, empathy, and grace towards others that fills their worlds with beauty.

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