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Jennifer Fortin, an integral member of Society of Pageant Women LLC, was recently recognized by a local writer as an inspirational individual whose story should be shared with the world. Dave Dotsie, a publisher in Maine, recently started a project called “From Six Feet Away” that our very own, Jennifer Fortin had a spotlight in. Hundreds of reactions and comments swarmed the posts and people were so inspired by her story. 

Be inspired by reading the story he posted below her beautiful headshot as a registered Zumba instructor. 

Congratulations to the fabulous Jennifer Fortin from you SOPW Family!

“From Six Feet Away” – Jennifer Fortin I’m honored to introduce you to a passionate and dedicated woman within our community. Jennifer Fortin makes her home in Augusta with her husband of 24 years along with their three children, 18, 14 and 11. Jennifer commits much of her time working for Spectrum Generations under “Healthy Living for Me” as the Training and Fidelity Manager; a program that offers free evidence-based programs for disease, pain and diabetes prevention as well as falls prevention programs like Tai Chi for Health and Balance. Just a year ago Jennifer was in a place where she suffered from chronic asthma. She was hospitalized twice and had been receiving monthly injections in efforts to get her breathing back in check. Her energy levels were down, she was often tired, and her normal up-beat personality seemed down. Her knees were hurting and she was in discussions around a double knee replacement. Given these challenges, about a year ago Jennifer decided she wanted to get a better handle on her own health and made a mental commitment to weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle; not only for herself, but also for her family. It was through hard work, dedication, sweat, and tears that to-date Jennifer has lost 120lbs; a transformation that has benefited her in so many ways. With a passion for fitness and helping others Jennifer became a certified ZUMBA instructor 10 years ago and teaches classes regularly for all fitness levels. Since March, she’s shifted to teaching “free” virtual ZUMBA and fitness classes as a response to help people stay active and help with social isolation and physical distancing; her hope is to bring people a little bit of joy and a smile during these uncertain times. She’s really enjoyed this new way of teaching as her oldest son Michael has followed in her footsteps and has become a ZUMBA instructor as well, and the two now teach classes together! Jennifer absolutely loves giving back to her community. She currently volunteers with the Augusta Age Friendly Committee and is the Vice President of Delta Omega Delta, a community service sorority. She also had the honor of winning the title of Crown of Maine, Elite 2019; Jennifer will compete nationally in July. Full of positivity and perseverance, Jennifer is such an optimistic person and always holds a glass that’s half full. She says “life has given us lemons, with which we can make an abundance of sweet lemonade.” She and her family have all seen this pandemic as a gift; a gift of time that they otherwise would not have had because of the many extra curricular activities that consume their busy lives. I didn’t know Jennifer before meeting her “from six feet away”. Through this project I’m thankful I had the opportunity to meet Jennifer Fortin; a woman who adores her family, friends, career, and her ability to help others. She’s an inspiration for sure and I’m proud to say she’s part of our community. #dostiephoto

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