Do You REALLY Need a Pageant Coach?

I’ve been in two pageants. One where I didn’t use a coach and one where I did. When I talk about using a coach to those not familiar with the pageant world, I’m often asked skeptically, “why would you need one?” and “what do they even do?”.
Before I answer the topic of this post, I’m going to cover the two most often asked questions.
Why would you need one? Pageants are competitions. Like any event where competition occurs, many people have coaches. I love football, so let’s focus on that sport. Football coaches help the players understand the game, learn new techniques, and run through play drills. That’s exactly what a pageant coach does. He or she is someone very experienced in the industry, perhaps even a holder of former titles. A pageant coach helps you understand the system you’re competing in (each system is different), helps you with the walking patterns, interview questions, pageant attire, booking appearances, appearance attire, pageant paperwork, your social media, etc… Your pageant coach IS your best friend.

What do they even do? One of the biggest things they do, aside from everything I mentioned above, is they help KEEP YOU FOCUSED. There may be issues going on in your personal life (work, kids, family), unfortunate drama within the pageant, or anything else distracting you. Your pageant coach will help keep you focused and remind you of what your goal is. They will give you tough love when you need it and help keep your head in the game.

Do I REALLY need a pageant coach? In my opinion, yes. A hundred times YES! For larger systems, even the most experienced contestants benefit from having a coach. Pageants are EXPENSIVE, and a coach should be part of your budget.

Things to look for when interviewing a coach:

♥ How much experience do they have in the pageant industry? As a competitor themselves or as a coach?

♥ How have their prior clients placed?

♥ What do they offer? Some coaches may only provide interview coaching or other a-la-cart services, while others will be there with you every step of the way.

♥ Are they coaching any other contestants in your pageant? If so, discuss a confidentiality contract.

♥ Personality. You MUST get along with your coach to have the most successful relationship. You need to be open and honest with your coach and feel comfortable enough to decline suggestions he or she may offer. I LOVED my coach. I felt like I was talking with my best friend. It was the ideal relationship.

♥ Now, how do you even find a coach? Word of mouth, looking on pageant Facebook groups, Google. The Pageant Planet also has a directory of coaches. You may need to interview quite a few to find a coach that best fits you, but the time, energy, and expense will be well worth it.

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