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Members of the Society Of Pageant Women LLC can form local chapters. The Society encourages local chapters as a means of advancing its mission, increasing membership and preparing individuals for leadership roles on the national level. The following guide provides information on the process of forming chapters. The Society of Pageant Women LLC is an effective national organization which delivers a range of benefits to members. There are many things that can be accomplished on a local level much more effectively. 

Local chapters serve as a venue for members to get together, exchange views, and attend continuing education courses and social activities. Local chapters can regularly interact in a local community to provide program or activities that can directly impact towards building confident and united young women in their communities. And most importantly, a local organization is aware of, and sensitive to the needs that are unique to every community. For these reasons, the creation of local chapters make sense and provide value to the industry’s growth.


Starting a SOPW LLC chapter is an exciting and rewarding experience but also a serious endeavor that requires commitment. You will become a valued member of a renowned organization, gaining access to a wide variety of resources, expertise and support from Society of Pageant Women LLC members and chapter leaders around the world. Chapter leaders are required to take a proactive role when establishing a chapter. Without this commitment, an effective chapter cannot exist.

You must be passionate and committed to our mission. Opening a chapter requires large amounts of time and energy, something for which founders must be prepared. 

Chapter funding is provided through membership dues, merchandise purchases and events. SOPW LLC does not provide seed money nor can we offer estimates of what local expenses might be for a new chapter; budgets vary based on leadership, local communities, resources and currencies.

Sisterhood, Networking and Transparency are three of our company values. Have ideas on how to keep the chapter welcoming and friendly to attract other qualified locals interested in joining. The chapter exists to do things. It is important the chapter has a mix of activities and a structure to its activities. This will entice membership as people may join for different reasons and it will bestow the professional credibility appropriate to a chapter of the Society Of Pageant Women LLC.

Chapter Leaders are members of Society of Pageant Women LLC. This means leaders must pay their membership fee of $99/yr USD or $19.99/month USD and abide by trademark and membership agreements and policy guides when starting a chapter.

You must be passionate and committed to our mission. Opening a chapter requires large amounts of time and energy, something for which founders must be prepared. 

You must have the ability to carry out different elements of the start-up process including legal (leadership assignments, financial and fundraising tasks); Though SOPW LLC is here to help, we rely on our leaders to do a good job raising awareness to increase chapter

What do you want to accomplish for your first year? Set-up a system for record keeping and accounting. At a minimum you will need to track: Member contact information, Dues received and owed, Expenses

Our organization is actively working to raise awareness for sex trafficking and we want leaders who agree to raise awareness for this issue with us. Because so many have had their voices taken away, we will be the voice for them.

You will need to specify meeting space for members to attend on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Board meetings: Officer’s home, Coffee Shop, Library. Generally locations are easy to arrange, such as small meeting rooms at hotels or banquet rooms at a restaurant. For student chapters you may find locations within the University to hold meetings.

Build relationships with referral agencies (like directors and local businesses who could benefit from a partnership), generate coverage in the press, launch programs gain sponsors and much more.

Any organization requires paper to function. Be prepared to develop or acquire the following forms. Membership application Certification of Membership, Receipt books, Flyers for events, Newsletters or informational mailings, Schedules of events, Renewal notices.
Chapter leaders are required to enforce members to abide by the national offices bylaws.


  • Associated with a national organization (eventually Global) will have an identity—a logo, brand and mission.
  • Avoid startup/franchise costs and focus on recruitment/activities.
  • Access to databases, internal communication portals to encourage communication.
  • Leaders will support you and lend their expertise and experience any time that you need assistance.
  • You will have free space on the highly visible Society of Pageant Women LLC website.
  • Cause-marketing campaigns will increasing awareness for all chapters.
  • Chapters can leverage relationships that SOPW LLC builds with national and international corporations.
  • Opportunity to network with each other at events and conferences.
  • Gain an additional stream of income when working as the president of a chapter through referrals.
  • You will have access to SOPW LLC's help, expertise and resource to increase your likelihood for success.
  • Obtain the membership and benefits associated.
  • Change the face of pageantry within your community while empowering women.

What To Do, Once You Are Started?

Contact the national association. Inform the Executive Director that you are interested in forming a local chapter of the SOPW LLC. The SOPW LLC will provide a list of SOPW LLC members in your community or metropolitan area. (Professional chapters only) Contact local SOPW LLC members and students. This can be done by telephone or by mail, however, the Association recommends that you first identify individuals or members you already know. Contact them and ask them to participate in the formation of the new chapter.

Hold An Interest And Recruiting Meeting

Hold this in the evening at someone’s house or office or a location on campus. Serve refreshments. Invite everyone who may be interested. Include current members of the SOPW LLC and potential members. 

  • Sign Up New Members To Both The Local And The National Society
  • Discuss The Organization's Mission And Goals
  • Disseminate A Schedule Of Events, Or To At Least Receive Suggestions
  • Recruit Members For Committees And Specific Activities
  • Most Importantly: Generate Enthusiasm For The New Local Chapter


Don’t worry about doing everything right away. Organizations grow and develop. The important thing is to start. The Society Of Pageant Women LLC Membership Committee stands ready to assist any members in starting a local chapter. The SOPW LLC can connect members and facilitate the many tasks required.

Start A Chapter In Your Area Today!