Meet Our Amazing Team

Charity Cramer

CEO & Founder

Shannon Tjaden

Facebook Manager

Grace Peoples

Research Intern


Social Media Intern

Helen Do

Research Intern

Amir McCloud

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Megan Murphy

Social Media Intern

About Society Of Pageant Women LLC

Society of Pageant Women exists for women to find a place to connect, not just compete. This platform was founded in February of 2019 by Charity Cramer, because she wanted to amplify the voices of titleholders and directors who want to promote positive pageantry and those who are willing to build themselves as leaders to improve this industry. As a former competitor, Charity knows what it feels like to be unheard inside and outside of the pageant industry. She was motivated to build a network of confidently diverse women. 

Our founder Charity Cramer has all of the tools you need for success in life, business, and pageantry. Charity Cramer, “Queen C”, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) with a Operations Management concentration. As a college student she started CelebMi, an affordable jewelry company specifically for pageant women while mentoring E-Commerce platform entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to over six figures in a year. She is an experienced small business consultant, business systems analyst, independent website developer and course creator. With over 5 years of experience in corporate America within credit risk, marketing and business intelligence, Charity was able to apply the knowledge learned from her MIS degree.

Throughout her over 8 years competing in pageantry, Charity Cramer noticed the industry lacked an ethical organization that empowered women before and after their reign outside of competition. Society of Pageant Women LLC is an Ethics based professional networking organization designed for pageant women and women who could use the confidence building tactics that are learned in pageantry for personal and professional success. 

Outside of the business realm, Charity has an extensive background in the performing arts. Charity went to an arts school for seven years studying musical theater, dance and vocal. She learned to sing songs in over 8 languages and perform and produced shows with over 1,000 people in attendance for each. During her performance career, she had the opportunity to model for magazine cover pages, perform in plays like HairSpray, Cats, The Producers, Little Women and in NY had the opportunity to audition for off-Broadway musicals like “In The Heights”. 

Charity was first introduced to pageantry, through her life-long love for performing arts, and ended up gaining four titles in Miss America, and making top five in Miss Delaware USA three times. She has also been a mentor to over 200 girls and women within pageantry. Charity has always and will always believe in the empowerment and equipment of women for success, and will not stop until all women have a voice and platform to use their gifts and talents to impact the world. 

After SOPW was founded in February 2019, Charity quickly noticed how many women were flocking to SOPW as a platform for community and essential tools for success. SOPW currently has 38 members and 5 chapters across the United States. By 2021 we believe we can reach our goal of having a chapter in each state with at least 10 members in each chapter. That’s 500 members! We want you to be one of them!

Our Values

As A Liason In The Industry, All SOPW Members Should Align With The Below Values:
We strive to develop and continue the pageantry sisterhood by coming together for opportunities to further help each other grow professionally and personally. SOPW members also provides a support system for members to help advocate for ethical rules and organizations with integrity in the industry.

We strive lead by example in pageantry as an professional organization with ethical standards that every leader in the industry should abide by. We specifically encourage female titleholders to speak their minds on how pageant businesses may improve the industry, without fear of retaliation against titleholders.

We strive to embrace women from diverse backgrounds and partner with organizations in pageantry that abide by the same values. We lead by examples for all parties in the industry to welcome sisters into the society from all over.

We Strive to cultivate an environment where titleholders can be transparent about their experiences. We work with organization that understand the importance of improving and enhancing future experiences for competitors.

We strive to encourage all systems to come together to give back to the community. SOPW members agree that a woman’s voice should be heard and agree to stop sex trafficking across the world. We encourage everyone to see the values every woman brings to this planet and pledge to be the voice for those women who had/have their taken away.

We strive to create a platform environment where former and current titleholders can help each other to reach professional and personal goals by hosting events for women to further connect outside of competition.