3 Myths About Beauty Queens

Pageant Myth #1: Beauty pageants are superficial.

Fact: Most, if not all, beauty pageants have their respective advocacies.
Miss Universe for instance is dedicated to promoting AIDS awareness in Africa and conducting fund raising activities to support other causes.
Miss America supports the Children’s Miracle Network and each competitor has to raise funds for CMN. Miss America hosts “Miss America Serves” day where IHOP donates a percentage of their profits to the Children’s Miracle Network and Miss America Titleholders volunteer at their retrospective IHOP locations.
Miss World runs an established charity called Beauty With A Purpose, a registered charity and a non-profit organisation associated with Miss World that raises money and participates in humanitarian projects across the world.

Contrasting dancers and models in fashion shows, pageant queens serve as the ambassadors of the organization and they vow to do good deeds and serve their communities promoting their charity.

Pageant Myth # 2: Beauty queens have to be perfect.

Fact: Beauty queens are human, therefore perfection isn’t achievable, even as a queen. It is a fact that you try to eliminate as many imperfections by participating in mock interviews to eliminate filler words, train to get in the best physical shape as possible and to use make up/ beauty products to minimize imperfections that will enhance your the inner and outer beauty displayed on stage. Ultimately, you are training to be the best version of yourself and increasing your confidence when competing.

Just because beauty queens have beautiful smiles and have and big personalities all the time, does not mean they are perfect. As a spokes person and community activist, they are encouraged to put on their best faces when acting as a role model for individuals and being a become of hope to those looking up to them as they represent their respective organization.

Behind the camera, these girls and women go through a lot. 

Pageant Myth #3:

You have to be a mean girl to win.

Most pageant have at least one competitor who keeps to themselves or creates a click that will isolate some of the contestants but… those girls typically don’t win. Most pageants want a girls who will be a great ambassador for their system and that means they will have to pick someone who is personable and inclusive.

Most pageant competitors are women or girls who want to see a change in the world for the better of humanity. Yes, most competitors are optimists who believe that all things are possible through working hard and that include continuing dedication to a cause that is believed to changed the world.

Now, it is your job as a reader, to go and educate the world on what pageantry is really about.

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